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Every once in a while, I share some of my shopping adventures on my blog. This weekend I hit up Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale. I would share the adventure of this shopping trip, but once I saw the deals in the store I sort of blacked out. I swear I don’t remember a thing. Instead I will share my deals (which by the way were no more than $3.25 an item).


First of all, I’ll admit that I’m a little embarrassed. Most people shop this sale and buy items to gift their loved ones for Christmas. I bought everything completely selfish. Who knows, a few of these items might end up in some friends’ stockings this year, but I didn’t buy anything unless I absolutely loved it. Terrible, I know.


One thing to know about me is that if I enjoy a product, I will invest in it. Just by the pictures you can tell I love BBW’s Warm Vanilla scent. Although this fragrance is probably geared more towards cold weather seasons, to me, vanilla is year round. When it was 75% off, I couldn’t resist stocking up with body  butter, body wash, and scrub. Considering I carry this lotion everywhere I go, I would consider it a good investment, although it may seem excessive.


I also caught some of these car visor scents on sale, and got a summer collection with my favorite smell goods. My personal favorite is the Watermelon Lemonade.


I also bought an air freshener for my restroom with that flavored scent!


To top off my smell good splurge, I bought a couple of summer soaps for my restroom!


Like I said, I bought all of this with each items being under $3.25. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to feel less guilty!

Bottom line, you should check out your local Bath and Body Works, where their semi annual sale is still going on. All of these items were on sale plus more!

Tell me what you think. Did you have a successful shopping weekend?





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