100 Days of Brady

Hello, lovelies!

I can’t believe that it has already been four months since I brought home Brady!

After YEARS of begging for Cody’s permission to get a dog, October 20th when I showed him Brady’s picture, he finally caved and said yes. I had found a small time Goldendoodle breeder on a KY dog Facebook page, who was selling F2B goldendoodle puppies.

But I mean, just look at baby Brady!

Who could say no to that face?

October 28th I taught all day, and then drove all night, four and a half hours one way to pick him up. At 10:00 at night, in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois, my friend, Rachel, and I met at a stranger’s house to get him. It was very stupid and totally sketchy, we know. With a golf club in the back of the car though, we thought that if we sensed trouble, we could at least defend ourselves with that.

Turns out, we lucked out and the family breeder was not a psycho killer luring innocents to his dungeon with cute dogs. He was a pretty nice guy, that even let us meet Brady’s parents before we took him home. When the owner brought Brady out, he instantly ran to me. It was love at first sight of course.

I got home at 4:00 in the morning, with Cody eagerly waiting to meet Brady.

Everything was wrong in our lives to get a dog. We were getting married in two months, we were just starting out in our jobs, and we live in an apartment. To this day though, next to getting married, Brady was the best decision we could have made as a couple.

Thus, I thought I would collect some pictures as a tribute to our first 100 days of having Brady.

We made our “Big Announcement” to the world October 30th. 

After that our lives were full of puppy bites, accidents in the house, baths, dog parks, puppychinos, and cuddles.

Brady has survived his parents being first time dog owners, homemade sweaters, our wedding, and our constant smothering him for cuddles.


At almost six months old, Brady weights 52 pounds, has had his first full groom, now has the curliest coat, has graduated puppy training class, LOVES going to doggy daycare, and is knows no stranger. He hates my blow dryer, still occasionally poops in the house, and knows eight tricks off hand. He is possessive over me, loves to play with Cody, and will drag my yarn across the house if he can get a hold of skein. He has started getting anxious over car rides, although everywhere he goes he is spoiled by people loving on him.

Before groom.
After groom.

We can’t go anywhere without stopping to let people pet on him… and trust me when I say it takes a long time to get in and out of Pet Smart. There, he goes to his training classes, and is buddies with a couple of the employees. He loves when they’re working, and will jump on the counter to see him! This is a bad habit he has at home though, because he will counter surf all the time for whatever food is within reach. From pumpkin bread, to tacos, to Grippo’s potato chips, seriously Brady has a stomach of steel.

In the past month, however, Brady has been a little anxious riding in the car. A few weeks ago, on our way to Pet Smart, he had anxiety attack, being strapped in with his puppy seat belt. Since then he has been a little skittish in the car. He won’t even eat the puppychinos, which Starbucks employees typically insist on giving him, because he’s so cute.

Even my mom, an advent dog disliker, seems to love Brady. She won’t let him too close to her, but she will take pictures of he and I. He loves going to his “Dog Glamama’s” house! Just the other night, we went on a walk, and she even walked him! It was a big deal!

I can’t get over how big he is!

At the dog park, he is pretty submissive around other dogs, so we typically go to the “gentle” side of the park. Since there is only one dog park, that is mediocre at best in our hometown, we drive to Lexington to a larger, better dog park. Every time we go, there is at least thirty other dogs there, so Brady gets plenty of play time! Last weekend, after we got him groomed, we took him to the park, so naturally he had to roll around in the mud.


The best part of play time with Brady? He is so worn out, he can’t get into any trouble when he gets home. They say a tired puppy is a good puppy. It’s totally true for him!


He likes to sleep on his back, in what people call the Doodle pose, with his paws straight up in the air. Right now as I write this, he is dozing off in a Doodle pose.

My favorite moments with Brady is when he plays with Cody. Those two together are the cutest combination ever! My wifey heart, be still! Despite all of the grumbling Cody did before I brought him home, he sure does love to spoil Brady a lot! He walks him as he plays Pokemon Go, takes him to the vet when needed, and plays with him every day.

Brady has definitely been a great change for our lives, no matter how challenging he has been at times.

Here’s to our first 100 days together, yet many more to come!

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