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Hello, lovelies!

It’s no secret that I love my Silhouette Cameo. I practically use it on the daily to make decals, decorate accessories, and make T-shirts. Today I’m talking about one feature I don’t take advantage of enough: print and cut!

I have a confession: in the world of crafting, I love stickers! Then again, I am a teacher, so that should be no big surprise. I love stickers for scrapbooking, putting on students’ papers, and my in my planner. For Christmas, Cody got me a Kate Spade planner, so I have been printing cutting and printing some stickers with my Cameo.

Over the summer, I started tinkering with print and cut. Despite the fact that there are so many helpful resources online (particularly Silhouette School Blog), trying to figure this out was a nightmare. Literally, I had a nightmare about not being able to print and cut. After a week of pulling my hair out and 3 wasted packs of sticker paper, I was almost in tears. Turns, out I was making a silly mistake. When I was creating the size of the document in the Silhouette software, I accidentally measured it to be 8w by 11.5h, instead of the standard paper size 8.5w by 11h. After I switched those measurements around, the job went next to perfectly. Leave it to me to make a rookie move.

I’m not going to call myself a professional at making print + cut stickers with my Silhouette, but I come pretty dang close. As you can see with the stickers below, my machine missed cutting on the line of the complete circle by a millimeter. This makes them far from selling quality, but they certainly work for my purposes!

I am currently working on a vlog sharing how I’m using homemade stickers in my new 2018 planner. Be sure to stay tuned!

If you would like to see where I got some of these stickers, then head on over to my Pinterest!

B  R  A  N  D  I     A  M  A  N  D  A


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