The 100 Day Project

Hello, lovelies!

Last week, on Elise Gets Crafty, Elise and guest Allie Lehman talked about The 100 Day Project. Unbeknownst to me before that episode, The 100 Day Project is a challenge for artists all over the world to share their projects, artwork, or niche for 100 days online.

Blessed & a Mess is a fun hobby for me, but I still would like to post more regularly than I have in the past. In fact, at the beginning of 2018, my goal was to post on my blog once a week, and on Instagram daily. Consistency, if you have not been able to tell by now, is not my strong point. I have never had a brand, or a habit of posting weekly. This blog just sits here until I decide to pay it attention.

I currently sit on a lot of content: 5 original crochet patterns, shirt designs, Silhouette Cameo creations, taking a couple classes, joining a group, and picking up a new hobby I am obsessed with. My hands have been busy: just not with writing.

I have needed a motivator to push (or shove) me in the direction of achieving my goal. Cue the 100 Day Project.

I have decided to commit to joining the 100 Day Project, to help myself achieve my goal of posting regularly. I know it won’t be easy, nor always fun, but I am determined to do my best.

My niche I’ll be posting for the next 100 days?

100 Days of Homemade

Each week I’ll be posting different types of homemade stuff that I get my hands into. For example, one week I may feature all of my crochet blankets, another week I may share all of my Silhouette Cameo projects. I love to create, now I need to improve on sharing my creations.

Follow me using the hashtag #100daysofhomemade on my Instagram, @blessedandamess

Are you doing the 100 Day Project? Drop a link to your Insta in the comments below!

B  R  A  N  D  I     A  M  A  N  D  A

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