Ruffle Pillow Pattern

Hello, lovelies!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far! I can’t believe it is already July.

This pattern idea came to me when I got a new comforter. The comforter is white, but has rows of subtle ruffles, which I thought added a delicate touch to my bedding. I wondered, as I do with everything, if I could replicate the look with my crochet hook!

This pillow works up quick and easy, a perfect project to sit down and work on while watching a show. This summer I have been rededicated to watching Outlander. There are some really beautiful knit and crochet pieces on that show that stand out to me. It makes me want to replicate those too.

I typically crochet with acrylic worsted weight yarn. My last project before this was the blanket in the picture below, which is made with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn.

Expanding my yarn stash, I’ve recently added Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Fresh Haven made of 100% Tencel. The fiber is so soft and shiny. Although the yarn is technically size 4 medium weight yarn, for some reason it seems like it is a lighter weight yarn. In my opinion, it makes for the perfect ruffles.

I have made several pillows and through trial and error, I have determined that in order to get a tight fitting pillow sleeve, the pillow panels should be 2 square inches smaller than the pillow. For this pattern, I am used a 16″ pillow form, which means I made my pillow panels 14″ by 14.”


Stitches Used

  • Chain (ch)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Half double crochet (hdc)
  • Ribbed stitch: this is a sc in the back loop of the previous rows. This creates a sort of edge that sticks up from the pillow.

Pillow Panel (make 2): 

Using acrylic worsted weight yarn

Chain 61.

Row 1: Single crochet (sc) in the second chain from hook. sc in each chain across the row. Turn and chain 1. (60)

Rows 2-10: Repeat Row 1. (60)

Row 11: sc in the back loop of Row 10’s sc. This is the ribbed stitch. (60) Note: This creates a distinct ribbed edge, where you will later add the ruffles with the white Fresh Haven yarn.

Rows 12-20: sc in each stitch across the row. (60)

Row 21: Repeat Row 13, crocheting in the back loop of Row 24.  (60)

Rows 22-30: sc in each stitch across the row. (60)

Row 31: Repeat Row 13, crocheting in the back loop of Row 36. (60)

Rows 32-40: sc in each stitch across the row. (60)

Row 41: Repeat Row 13, crocheting in the back loop of Row 48. (60)

Rows 42-50: sc in each stitch across the row. (60)

Row 51: Repeat Row 13, crocheting in the back loop of Row 60 (60)

Rows 52-60: sc in each stitch across the row. (60)

Row 61: Repeat Row 13, crocheting in the back loop of Row 72 (60)

Rows 62-70: sc in each stitch across the row. (60) 

Leave a long tail that you can use to sew the other pillow panel together with. 


Using Fresh Haven Yarn

Work with 1 panel at a time.

Using the same size G hook, insert hook into the first sc ribbed edge on Row 11 on one of the pillow panels. Chain 3. This will count as a half double crochet stitch (HDC). Add 2 more HDC stitches in the same stitch.

Working across row 11, 3 HDC in each ribbed edge across the row. The 3 HDC in each stitch allows for the yarn to become wavy, giving it a ruffle effect. 

Repeat on rows 21, 31, 41, and 51, the rows with the ribbed stitch.

Once you have completed each side with the ruffles, weave the yarn end into the ruffles so they don’t fray.

Now you have the option of leaving the back end of the pillow form or adding ruffles back there too!

Assembling the Pillow:

My favorite part is sewing the pillow together. Each panel should measure 14” by 14,” which does make for a tight fit, but I have found that it is better for the panels to fit tight on the pillow, rather than loose. When the panels are bigger than the pillow form, the corners tend to bend and look floppy.

Tada! You’re ruffle pillow is done!

My sister (who isn’t into crochet) LOVES the pillow so much, she’s asked me to make more for our sectional!

I hope to write and share more of the projects I’ve been working on lately, so make sure you’re on my social media to get sneak peeks of upcoming patterns!


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