Tag Tuesdays: Dog Days of Summer

Hello, lovelies!

I’m not sure about other makers out there, but my favorite reason why I crochet is to give my creations as gifts.

For any event, I always consider giving homemade gifts. In fact, one of the questions I hear the most is, “Did you make this?” As a funny note: I now get asked that question even when I give a gift I didn’t make! It really flatters me!

The part of gift giving I always put off is the packaging of the gift. To help others like me, I have decided to offer a limited series of free printables for my readers to download when giving handmade gifts of their own. For the month of July and August, check here on Tuesdays to get your free themed printable gift tag.

I’m offering the traditional gift tag option, as well as the small foldable card gift tags. There is also the option to print the gift tags double-sided, or just print the first page of the PDF. Directions are attached to the printable.

My hope is that someone out there can use these when giving their own handmade creations as gifts. It makes waiting to package your gift at the last minute a lot easier! I always keep some white and cream cardstock around just for this very reason.



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